What better time to visit an orange-sand beach than Autumn?  These are some of the best beaches in the world we found to enjoy these amazing sights!

Ramla Bay, Gozo, Malta: 

The orange-sand beach at Ramla Bay is located on the tiny Maltese island of Gozo in the Meditteranean.  Known as one of the most unusual beaches in the Meditteranean, Ramla Bay Beach is a wide patch of deep orange-sand beach bordered by lush hills.  The orange color is a result of volcanic deposits mixed with unique limestone particles.  Locals appropriately call the beach “Ramla il-Hamra”, which means the red, sandy beach.  (I see orange, but regardless of what color we call it, I think we can all agree that this beautiful photo speaks for itself.)

Ramla Bay, Gozo

The Ramla Bay area is famous for more than it’s deep-orange sandy beaches.  The island of Gozo is believed to be the island alluded to in one of Homer’s major ancient Greek epic poems, Odyssey.  Many believe Gozo to be Calypso’s Island, Ogygia, from the poem.  Also, overlooking the west side of Ramla Bay is a cave which is believed to have been Homer’s inspiration for the cave where Odysseus was held captive by Nymph in the poem.  If you’re a history buff and especially interested in ancient Roman history and artifacts, you will definitely enjoy the Ramla Bay area.  The Ggantija and Megalithic Temples of Malta are known to be the oldest free-standing structures and the oldest religious structures in the world!

Gozo is also a great island to visit if you enjoy water sports and is one of the top diving areas in the entire Mediterranean.  I know what I will be doing if we ever make it to Gozo!  Or if you just want to relax, the island is known to be peaceful and scenic, with a number of secluded beaches graced by lovely backdrops of lush green countryside.

Cala Luna and Porto Ferro, Sardinia, Italy:

The orange sand on these Sardinia beaches are also a mix of volcanic and unique limestone particles.  Cala Luna is said to be one of the most beautiful and secluded beaches along the entire Mediterranean!  It actually gets its name from the white, crescent-shaped, half-mile beach on the island.  I think this area of Cala Luna looks pretty amazing too!  Notice how the spectacular limestone cliffs appear to reach out to meet the gorgeous little strip of beach in this photo.

 Cala Luna, Sardinia, Italy

Porto Ferro, meaning port of ferrous iron, also boasts some yellow-orange sands and 65-foot (20-m) tall sand dunes!  On this little more than 1-mile-long (2-km) stretch of beach, sand colors vary from ocra to orange, with medium to dark blue waters.

Monkey Beach, Tioman Island, Malaysia:

Monkey Beach is located on the north-western coast of the Island of Tioman, in the country of Malaysia.  The beach is part of Penang National Park, the smallest national park in the world!  Monkey Beach gets its name from a species of crab-eating Macaque monkeys with intense yellow-orange eyes that inhabit the area.

Monkey Beach, Tioman Island, Malaysia

 Ormond Beach, Florida:

Ormond Beach is located on the Atlantic Coast of Florida, just north of Daytona Beach.  We have visited this one and loved it!  It’s a fairly long stretch of a quieter, more natural beach; you may even see areas marked off to protect sea turtle nests!

The orange-colored sands at Ormond Beach come from a large percentage of crushed coquina shells mixed in with the sands.  While not nearly as deep-orange in color as the beaches discussed above, the sands are still a really nice hue.  As you can see in the photo below, the sands closer to the water’s edge are where you will find the brightest shades of orange.

Ormond Beach, Florida

Here’s hoping you get a chance to enjoy some orange-sand beaches this Autumn season!

Lisa  info@FindtheBestBeaches.com

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